“I felt like a completely different person”

About 2 years ago, I found myself seeing my GP with symptoms of Stress, IBS, tiredness & cramps; I would wake up dreading having constipation, diarrhea or severe stomach pains. If I went out for a meal, sometimes I would have to run to the bathroom half way through the meal, and if I did finish my meal, my stomach could be so bloated that I could no longer fasten my trousers .

I decided to research Colonic Irrigation on the internet, and found The Ki Clinic, and decided it was worth a visit. I was a little anxious on my first visit, but Mark and Carole quickly made me feel at ease. The Clinic was very welcoming and had immediate calming influence. Their knowledge and empathy to my problems amazed me and so I decided to embark on a course of Colonics and Allergy testing and Nutritional Therapy. Two or three days after my first treatment, I felt like a completely different person, it felt as heavy cloud had been lifted from me.

Two years on, I am a regular at the clinic, all my previous symptoms have disappeared, I no longer dread leaving the house in case I don’t make the bathroom, I have lost weight, my skin is clearer, and I have more self confidence. This may sound over the top, but Mark and Carole have completely changed my life for the better. Thank you both so much.

— Victoria Bias

“Really Friendly Service”

I have suffered IBS for 10 years, and have a history of Bowel Cancer in the family, after a course of Colonics and Nutrition my bowel movements are improved and also there is a great improvement in my IBS symptoms, I now come every six weeks to keep in good health. The Ki Clinic offer a really friendly service and make you feel comfortable, I would recommend this to anyone who has IBS.

— Elizabeth Duncan

“I am now feeling less bloated”

I visited the IBS Clinic as I suffered from bloating, tiredness and generally feeling unwell. After a course of treatment for Food Testing and Colonics I am now feeling less bloated, and have lost 18lbs.

— Tony Yates

“I feel uplifted and re-energised”

I visited The Clinic because of feeling stressed and unable to focus, I choose to have a few sessions of Reiki with Carole, after the treatments I feel uplifted and re-energised, I also got various feelings of hot and cold and varying colours, which Carole explained, Carole also gave me information about what had come to her, which was very accurate. I would definitely recommend Reiki to anyone, it really helped me.

— Joan Berwick

“This has been a life changing experience”

I initially had an appointment for a camera investigation, as I had been suffering from pains in the abdomen, for over 6months,but was worried about this procedure, so before agreeing to this I visited the clinic to find out if I could do anything myself. I decided to opt for The Food/Allergy Testing and a course of Colonic Irrigation. After3 - 4 treatments my pain has gone, I have more energy, I sleep better, my dandruff has disappeared and I have lost weight. Mark certainly knows what he is taking about. This has been a life changing experience, which will enable me to enjoy health and wellbeing for the rest of my life.

— Tim Stocks

“I had four sessions, but the effects became apparent after the first treatment”

I had major Spinal Surgery and had been experiencing continued pain and discomfort. A friend suggested trying the Bowen Technique, which I had never heard of, but was willing to try. I found Mark Costar offered this treatment and arranged an appointment. I have no idea how the treatment works, but can honestly say that since receiving the treatment, I am no longer aware of the metal work in my back, I feel ‘straighter’ and the pain level has reduced. I had four sessions, but the effects became apparent after the first treatment.

— Mrs C Myles

“I finally feel like myself again”

I have been suffering bloating, trapped wind, cramping and sickness for over 20 years. The treatment at The Clinic has been fantastic, after suffering from IBS for 20 years, I finally feel like myself again, no more bloating! Thank you so much Carole, you really put me at ease.

— Vicky Weikert

“Very friendly and made me feel at ease”

I have suffered Constipation for over 20 years, and undertook a course of Colonics and Nutrition to help me. After having the treatments I now have regular bowel movements my skin feels healthier and I am more energised. Carole was lovely and very friendly and made me feel at ease. I would recommend these treatments to anybody suffering from Constipation. Excellent service.

— Sara Clare

“I have been given expert advice and help with a long standing problem”

I had suffered Constipation for 30 years and was fed up taking laxatives, so I decided to visit The Clinic, I had a Food Intolerance Test and a course of Colonics, after 4 treatments I am no longer taking laxatives and I am going to the toilet regularly, I feel so much better now. I have been given expert advice and help with a long standing problem, Mark and Carole have succeeded where the medical profession have failed.

— Angela Levy

“Very satisfied”

I came suffering from a Digestive and pain problem in my groin area, which I had had for over 10 years. I was given a Food Intolerance Test and a course of 3 Colonic treatments. After 4 weeks my pain in y groin has gone and my digestive system is working properly after following Mark's advice, and staying away from the foods which were found to causing my problem. I am really satisfied the the treatments given, I only wish I had done a Food Intolerance Test years ago, and I am currently recommending it to friends and family. Many thanks to Mark for making it and easy process and experience.

— Darren Smith

“I feel absolutely fabulous!”

For most of my life I had been suffering from Constipation. I decided after to speaking to Carole at The Ki Clinic to undergo a course of Colonic Irrigation, after 3 weeks I have been going to the toilet one or two times a day, even when I have been stressed, I have still been going, when previously I wouldn't.

I feel absolutely fabulous, fab couple and fab treatments. Thanks for all your help. I can enjoy myself now.

— Sabah Choudry